Dan Andersson Scam Accusations Are Baseless

If you are one of those people that love “making money from home opportunities”, then you have probably read online about the Dan Andersson scam with Sitetalk/Unaico, where the company supposedly bilked millions of dollars from people in multiple countries. Sitetalk operated under Unaico, which is a company that Dan Andersson was the former president of, but he certainly did not have a part in wrongfully taking people’s money.

Dan Andersson is Credible & Successful

On the contrary to the rumors that have been circulating, Dan Andersson is an upstanding businessman that seeks to educate people on how to succeed as entrepreneurs and his new company LEO that he is co-owner of offers a range of products and services to people in multiple countries around the world. With thousands of satisfied client’s to LEO’s credit, it is pretty certain that a scam never existed. Dan has also led numerous fortune 500 companies, and his credibility is intact with large and small-time investors on a global scale. The accusations of the Dan Andersson scam are baseless.